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Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2

Dragon Mounts Mod

This is a mod that allows you to hatch previously useless dragon eggs. Once fostered and tamed, they’ll be your faithful companion in all situations and, of course, can be used for a ride! Usage: To hatch a dragon egg, you’ll need to find a warm place for it first. If you found one, simply […]

Equivalent Exchange 3 Mod 1.6.4

Equivalent Exchange 3 Mod

What is Equivalent Exchange 3? To summarize: this mod allows you to transmute tons of materials into other materials. It adds a lot of what is classified by many as “endgame content”, to make you feel more godlike in your sandbox world. If this offends your Minecrafting sensibilities, this may not be the mod for […]

The Simple Xray Mod 1.7.9/1.7.8

The Simple Xray Mod

This mod adds X-Ray vision to minecraft, find ores with simple now. How To Use: Join a world or server, press ‘X’ to toggle xray mode on or off. Please watch the video for more details. Screenshots:   The Simple Xray Mod Videos:   How to install The Simple Xray Mod 1.7.9: Use the official […]

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod 1.7.2

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

What is MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod? This mod adds in what Minecraft has been missing for years, furniture! It includes over 30 pieces of furniture to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even your garden! It doesn’t take the vanilla feel away from Minecraft as it would be coded in the same way as Mojang would […]

Ladders Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Ladders Mod image

Ever thought the regular ladder were a bit plain and not so useful? This mini-mod aim to make ladders a bit more useful and a lot better looking. Hope you happy with Ladders Mod. Ladders Mod Showcase: Recipes: Rope Ladder has to be placed at the side or under a solid block. After the first […]

3D Craft Mod 1.7.2

3D Craft Mod

This mod adds No New blocks. It revamps the game making almost everything that use to be a flat sprite-like image is now fully 3D. Screenshots: Mod Review: 3D Craft Mod 1.7.2 Fix Fix for 1.7.2 Texture flipping-open gbuffers_terrain.vshin notepad++go to line 183-207,and change the values to this if (gl_Normal.y > 0.5) { //  0.0,  1.0,  0.0  = normalize(gl_NormalMatrix * vec3( 1.0,  0.0,  0.0)); = […]

Zyin’s HUD Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Zyin’s HUD Mod

This is a mod which adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the advanced Minecrafter in mind. It adds your coordinates, a compass, a clock, calculates distances, shows nearby players, shows unsafe areas, shows potion durations, quick deposit, eating aid, ender pearl aid, potion aid, torch aid, weapon swapper, an […]

Just Another Spawner Mod 1.7.2

Just Another Spawner Mod

About this Just Another Spawner Mod: Just Another Spawner (JAS) is a Minecraft Mod aimed at providing an alternative entity spawning system for Minecraft. JAS adds an entity spawning system that runs in parallel with the vanilla system. By design, it fundamentally works the same as its vanilla counterpart, but allows for greater customization by […]

Kirby Enemy Mod 1.7.2

Kirby Enemy Mod

These are only going to be enemies from Kirby Super Star. Please let me know if there are any bugs in this mod, or if there are compatibility issues! Screenshots: Mod Spotlight: How to install Kirby Enemy Mod: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. Drag and drop the downloaded […]

Useful (Battle) Pets Mod 1.7.2

Useful (Battle) Pets Mod

What does Useful (Battle) Pets Mod do? The Useful Pets Mod allows you to level up pets and give them cool abilities! Left click a pet you have tamed with the Pet Wand to convert them. Left click the pet while holding the Pet Wand attempts a level up. Right click the pet while sneaking to […]

Blokkit Mod 1.6.4

Blokkit Mod

Compatible with Minecraft: 1.6.4 Author: BlueCube Source: Planetminecraft What Blokkit Mod does? This mod features new friendly living block mobs called “Blokkits”. These Blokkits can be composed of various standard materials, each with its own perks and strenghts. One can create a Blokkit army to destroy his enemies or simply keep one as a pet at home. […]

Falling Meteors Mod 1.7.2

Falling Meteors Mod

Compatible with Minecraft: 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2 Author: AlexDGr8r Source: Minecraft Forum This mod was developed as a little side project by AlexDGr8r . He had seen previous Meteor mods before with some of the features he has here, but they have all been discontinued or missing.. What Falling Meteors Mod does? The Falling Meteors mod adds 5 […]

Mutant Creatures Mod 1.7.2

Mutant Creatures Mod

Compatible with Minecraft: 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2 Author: thehippomaster21 Source: Minecraft Forum The Mutant Creatures Mod adds many different creatures that are buffed up versions of Minecraft’s original mobs! These mini-bosses bring greater challenges for the players, but along with that greater rewards. Each mob drops a special item that the player can use to his […]

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